The Artist: Sandra Title

In my early teens I knew art was going to be part of my life and was fortunate enough to meet an art teacher who took me under her wing and taught me the basics of painting. A full-time working mother and a self-taught artist, after putting my children to bed in the evenings, I would go to my art room and work until wee hours of the morning.  With the goal of becoming an accomplished artist, my main objective was to learn how to apply acrylic and oil paint with different techniques and work with colour coordination.  I am always keen and committed to learn new techniques with the hope of producing new works of art. 


My inspiration and admiration to become an artist came from abstract impressionist, Joan Mitchel. She allegedly painted at night while listening to music, something I also enjoy. “Don’t hold me back”, would be her thought. Her paintings to me are lyrical and moving; looping slashes of colour compatible with each other.  


I paint with the hope of exploiting the expressive power of colour by deploying it in large fields that may envelope the art lover when seen in close quarters.  I believe that colour can speak for itself and elicits many interpretations.  Over many years I have honed my skills, having worked on different subjects and mediums and finally finding my niche in the art world: abstract art.  My studio is in Oro Medonte, where I enjoy Lake Simcoe, summer gardening and the changing of fall colours, as all of nature’s colours to add to a painter’s palette.

 Instagram: @sandratitle