The Artist: Sandra Title

I am an experienced painter who started painting in my early years and transitioned to full-time work over the last 15 years. My focus is on creating large abstract canvases with bold colors and heavy layers, although currently, I am exploring acrylic black & white abstract impressionist landscapes.

On my artistic journey, I strive to capture serenity within my paintings, aiming to immerse art lovers into the world I create on canvas. I apply a technique of layering, weaving shadows, and textures to evoke movement and depth, inviting viewers to explore the nuances with each piece. Through my work, I seek to evoke emotions and spark imaginations, inviting viewers on a journey to contemplation and discovery within the realm of art.

I draw my inspiration from my extensive travels, infusing my work with the diverse landscapes, cultures, and moments of inspiration I’ve encountered around the world. During the summer months, I retreat to the north of Toronto, immersing myself in my surrounding nature. The tranquil forests, serene lakes, and expansive skies serve as both muse and sanctuary, influencing the tone and atmosphere of my work.

Through layers of paint, I weave shadows and textures, capturing the essence of my experience and inviting viewers to embark on their own visual journey.

My art serves as a reflection of the interconnectedness between the natural world and my own spirit, resonating with those who seek to be transported to places both familiar and distant.


 Instagram: @sandratitle